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I feel just like this today!!

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You and me both, little doggy, you and me both.

(I want this cold to fucking diiiiiiiiiie)

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Ha. So dozy and snoozy. Hope you are getting some sleep and feeling better.

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I slept a good part of the past couple of days. But I'm so stuffed up right now. Right now I just want to experience that lovely feeling of my sinuses clearing out and breathing freely again.

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Omggg, so sweeet! Dixie Belle does the same thing!

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I think its so cute when Blue gets so dozy and her blinks come longer and longer until she finally puts her little head down and is asleep in an instant!!

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Aw, I hope you get some rest!

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I sure did!

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Holy cute doggy!!

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She's a cutie for sure!

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Me too...only slept 3.5 hours last night cause I was so stressed about the exam D: