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If my dogs were TV characters -
Blue would be kind and gullible Rose Nyland.
 photo blue_zps07930f7e.jpg

Fonzy would be Dr McDreamy <3
They are sexy and they  know it.
 photo Fonzy_zpsf289b346.jpg

And Cuervo would be Tony Soprano!
The Boss of the Family. Ready to rip your head off at a moments notice.
 photo cuervo_zps9f469e72.jpg

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I love everything about this entry.

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This makes me smile. :)

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This entry is adorable :)

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This is awesome!

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Love it.
I have no clue who Lincoln would be.

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Hi there, we have a couple of mutual friends, and I was wondering if you'd like to be friends.

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Absolutely! :) I just added you.